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Partnership & Confidence At Every Step

At AIG, we make the claims process as smooth and transparent as possible. Our adjusters are specialists by line of business, so each client gets the guidance they need to feel confident at every step. With our decades of experience handling claims around the world – including those that may represent significant financial loss or reputational risk for our clients – AIG ensures each claim is managed discreetly, effectively and efficiently.

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Baggage Damage

  • If your belongings have been damaged during a trip or while checked-in.

Baggage Theft

  • If your belongings were lost due to robbery, theft, or burglary.

Travel Medical Expenses

  • If you required medical treatment during travel or required hospitalization, your trip was curtailed, or you were summoned home or abroad, etc.

Trip Delay

  •  Delayed departure or unexpected expenses due to a delay, such as new transportation arrangements or accommodation, etc.

Baggage delay / Loss of checked baggage

  •  Unexpected purchases due to baggage delay or the replacement of luggage lost while checked-in

Car Rental / CDW

  • If you paid a deductible to your rental car provider as a result of rental car damage

Trip Cancellation

  • For example, cancellation of a planned trip due to illness or an accident prior to the departure

If you cannot find your situation in the list above or have questions on which claim to choose, please contact us by phone at 22 00 20 80 or by email at If you cannot find your situation in the list above or have questions on which claim to choose, please contact us by phone at 22 00 20 80 or by email at Norway.Claims@aig.com.

Your policy number should be on the documentation sent to you when you took out the insurance. This is usually a 10 digit number. If you have insurance through your employer or union/association you may need to contact them to retrieve these details. Note that you must have your policy number available to be able to submit your claim online.

You will not be required to provide a policy number if your insurance is included as part of your credit card agreement. We can locate your details through the first 6 and last 4 digits of your credit card number, which is required when submitting your claim.

For the insurance through the credit card to be activated, a minimum of 50% of the transport cost must be paid for with the credit card. If using a private car for your transport, please see the insurance certificate for more information. You will be asked to submit documentation of payment for travel as part of the claim report.

By providing your bank details when submitting your claim, we are able to make claim payments faster once the claim has been adjudicated.

To be able to process your claim we will require your policy number and information and documentation supporting the loss that has been suffered. We will also require details of any refunds from your tour operator/airline/hotel. Additional information will be required depending on the type of claim being reported. Details of these can be found in the respective claim form.

You can email us at Norway.Claims@aig.com or call us on +47 22 00 20 80.

You can email us at Norway.Claims@aig.com or call us on +47 22 00 20 80.

We would encourage you to submit your claim as soon after the event as possible as this helps us acertain the facts needed to make our claim decision. Under section 8-5 and 18-5 of the Insurance Contracts Act, AIG is exempt from liability if you do not submit a claim to AIG within one year of becoming aware of the circumstances to which it relates.

Unfortunately, no, please make sure to have your policy number, information and supporting documentation ready before starting the process.

If you want to send us additional documentation after you have submitted your claim, you can email this to Norway.Claims@aig.com. Please insert your claim number in the subject field.

For emergency medical assistance please call SOS International:

Telephone: +45 38 48 92 50

Please have your policy number available when you contact SOS International.

If you need to make a claim on Expedia Travel Insurance please visit https://claims.travelguard.com/myclaim/no.