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Hearing Aid (HLF) Claim

Report a claim for expenses for a hearing aid that was damaged or lost.

Report a claim for expenses for a hearing aid that was damaged or lost.

  • HLF membership number
  • If claiming with HLF Plus Insurance for an extension of the sum insured, your Plus insurance policy number
  • Bank details in case of payment
  • Information and documentation supporting the loss that has been suffered, including but not limited to:
    • Copy of original receipts for expenses in connection with repurchasing a hearing aid
    • Copy of documentation on hearing aid allocation from NAV/Folketrygden or the decision letter from NAV/Folketrygden
    • Police report in case of theft
    • Damage Report if the hearing aid cannot be repaired

How to report a claim?

Report your claim using our online form. Make sure you have all the required documents and information ready before your start. 

Report a claim

After you have reported a claim

You will receive a new email with you reference number as soon as the claim has been registered. One of our claims professionals will contact you as soon as possible if we need any further information that might be required to handle your claim. We will do our best to process your claim as fast as possible. Processing time can vary with complexity and retrieval of additional documentation. 


For all administrative questions about your HLF membership, please contact HLF +47 22 63 99 00 or email hlf@hlf.no.  

To buy Plus-insurance:  www.hlf.no/Min side                                                   

For all administrative questions about HLF Plus-insurance please contact +47 22 63 99 00 or email hlf@aig.com

You can report the loss to the insurance in AIG if the device is lost, stolen or so damaged that it cannot be repaired.

You report the damage on our website.

Remember to always include the following when reporting a claim:

  • Copy of Warranty Card or equivalent delivery documentation
  • Copy of the invoice/receipt for the purchase of a new hearing aid
  • Confirmation from the supplier that the appliance cannot be repaired
  • Confirmation from the police that the robbery/theft of the hearing aid has been reported to the police
  • Other relevant documentation

We want claims to be reported electronically. If you cannot report the injury yourself, you can ask a family member, friend, responsible health personnel or similar to help you report the injury electronically.

If you cannot get help reporting the damage, contact us on +47 22 00 20 80.

The insurance covers loss and theft of the hearing aid. The cause must be known and can be linked to a specific time of the injury.

For the insurance to apply, the membership fee for the year must be paid.

  • Loss of/theft of a hearing aid that can be replaced under Norwegian Folketrygd
  • Fitting costs and servicing of the hearing aid, as well as losses due to gradual deterioration/wear and tear, faults or defects in the hearing aid
  • Loss of the hearing aid when it has disappeared during the post, or when the cause is unknown
  • Loss/theft of hearing aids older than 6 years
  • Loss/theft of a hearing aid that occurs outside the insurance period
  • Insurance cases caused by the insured through intent or gross negligence, cf. FAL § 4-9 (2)

There is a deductible of NOK 1,000, which will be deducted from the compensation.

The compensation is limited to NOK 6,000 for the loss of one hearing aid and NOK 12,000 in case of loss of both hearing aids. 

If you have plus insurance, the cover is NOK 10,000 for the loss of one hearing aid and NOK 20,000 in case of loss of both hearing aids. 

When assigning a hearing aid, the supplier/audiographer issues an assignment form, or equivalent documentation. This identifies the user of the hearing aid, the type of hearing aid and shows, among other things, the date when the hearing aid was received. This is essential documentation in accordance with the 6-year rule for the lifetime of the hearing aid. You can request a copy of the award letter from an audiologist or from NAV. 

When the hearing aid is older than 6 years, you have the right to have a new hearing aid covered by Folketrygden up to a certain rate. Contact an audiologist for assistance.

You can read more about this on NAV's website: https://www.nav.no/horeapparat#kort-om. 

You order new hearing aids from your audiologist.

You will find all your documents here:


If you have taken out plus insurance, you have been sent insurance documents directly.

If your hearing aid is damaged, you must in the first instance send it to the hearing aid supplier directly or to the Hearing Center for repair. If it is possible to repair the appliance, the repair is completely free for you. In terms of experience, we see that it is often possible to repair appliances that have been stepped on or that have had a round in the washing machine.

If the appliance cannot be repaired, but must be replaced with a new one, the supplier will confirm this to you in writing. Documentation of a damaged hearing aid is sent together with other documentation when reporting the damage.

You can find more about repairs being covered by Folketrygden here: https://www.nav.no/horeapparat#hvor-mye

You can download a pdf below and submit through email.
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