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However big or small, our priority is to resolve the claims as quickly as possible.

How to report a claim

To provide quick and efficient claims handling we recommend you to have your policy number ready (not necessary if you have an insurace through your credit card). Please fill out the claims form with all relevant documentation.

We prefer that the claims form is sent electronically, but please contact us on the phone if necessary.

Travel insurance

Travel Insurance

To submit a claim in relation to:

  • Trip interruption or cancellation because of accident or illness
  • Trip delays
  • Personal belongings/luggage
  • Sickness/accident while traveling
  • Deductible insurance for rental cars

Other insurances

ID theft

Please attach the following documentation:

  • Policy number must be stated
  • A description of the events leading to the loss
  • Police report
  • If the claims is about identity theft – documentation that can confirm the identity theft
  • If the claim is for keys or securities you have to attach original receipts for the replacement cost of said keys or securities
  • If the claim is for robbery insurance in ATMs the original receipts/bank statement that documents the cash withdrawal must be attached as well as documentation about any witnesses to the robbery
  • If the claim is for purse insurance please submit the original receipts and the date of purchase for the purse and its content
  • If the claim is about theft of credit card and/or abuse if SIM-card you have to have a confirmation from the bank/credit card company/phone company that confirms the blocking of your card and that it has been abused
  • If the claim is submitted due a hospitalization after an accident please provide a closer description of the accident/claims incident

The insurance companies central claims registry – FOSS

All claims that are submitted to an insurance company are registered in FOSS (the insurance companies central claims registry). If you have questions regarding this you can contact the claims department or go to Finans Norge for more information.

Opening hours

Opening hours:

Monday to Friday 9.00 am – 3.00 pm

Inquiries after opening hours

If you call us after our opening hours you will be put through to our 24/7 emergency line.

Contact the claims department

Telephone: +47 22 00 20 80

Postboks 1588 Vika  
0118 Oslo

For medical emergency and repatriation, call SOS International

Telephone: + 45 38 48 92 50 (Fax: + 45 70 10 50 56)

Please have your policy number available when you call SOS International.

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