Accident & Critical Illness Claim

Report a claim for accident, critical illness, or accidental death. 

Report a Accident & Critical Illness Claim

    How to report a claim?

Report your claim using our online form. Make sure you have all the required documents and information ready before your start. 


You will find your policy number in the insurance documents you should have been assigned by your employer or when you took out the insurance via the association/trade union. If you do not have these available, please contact the respective employer/union for more information.

The processing time varies depending on the complexity of the damage and which documents are available when the claim is registered. We do our utmost to process your claim as quickly as possible.

If you have specific questions regarding your claim, you can ask your case manager. If you have not been assigned a case manager, you can contact us at telephone on 22 00 20 80 or by sending an inquiry to Please have your case number ready.

If you have additional documentation, this can be sent to Please add your case number on the email.

We recommend that the damage claim is reported as soon as you become aware of it. The company is free from liability if the claimant has not notified the company of the claim within one year after the person concerned became aware of the circumstances that justify it, cf. FAL §§18-5.

The compensation payment itself will not be taxable, but the company is in accordance with obliged by law to notify all damage payments over NOK 100,000 to the assessment authorities.

If you are entitled to interest on your compensation payment, this will, however, be taxable.

FAQs related to an Accident Claim

No, the insurance does not cover treatment at private hospitals or clinics. Only public treatment is covered. Please read the insurance policy for more information on which treatments are covered.

If you have been exposed to an occupational injury, it will be the occupational injury company that will mainly deal with the case and reimburse your expenses. We therefore ask you to report the damage directly to them via your employer. The reason for this is that occupational injury insurance has much more comprehensive coverage than accident insurance. It is the insurance policy with the largest coverage that takes the lead in a personal injury case. You then also avoid having to deal with several companies at the same time whilst having your claim considered under the correct coverage.

Please see your insurance documents for more information about your insurance. If there is a deductible on your insurance contract, this is only deducted once.

We ask you to read your insurance documents to see what is covered by your insurance. If your damage has been approved as accidental damage, the insurance usually covers the following:

  • Doctor and dentist
  • Treatment and stay at public hospitals
  • Physiotherapy and chiropractic treatment prescribed by a doctor
  • Bone fracture compensation
  • Dressings and medicine prescribed by a doctor
  • Travel round trip from home address to treatment. Compensation is limited to the most reasonable alternative with regard to the insured's condition

We would like to point out that an accident injury must be considered approved before any cover can kick in.

Permanent medical disability means that you have lost part of your normal bodily function as a result of an accident injury. The medical invalidity is set at a degree from 1-100 per cent.

The degree of disability is determined by a specialist on an objective basis without regard to occupation, work or leisure interests, and is based on the disability table.

VMI compensation is normally paid from and including 1%.

Claims must be reported within one year from the date you became aware of the circumstances of your claim. Providing you submit your documentation within this timeframe, you may choose whether to submit your expenses all at once or when incurred.