Understanding the Changing World of Accident and Health

The third session this autumn of AIG Academy Connected surrounds the changing world of accident and health and the current risk landscape with the pandemic in focus. The webinar highlights the overall impact of the pandemic, the current and expected risk landscape and AIG’s product development efforts of A&H. The event was hosted by Elisabeth Hellemose, Branch Manager AIG Norway, while a panel consistent of Edward Levin, Global Head of A&H, Bo Kristensen Head of A&H in the Nordics and Marianne Holtvedt Appelgren, A&H Group Product Manager in the Nordics presented the topic and insights from their different points of expertise.

Edward Levin begins his presentation by presenting facts and statistics on the impact of the pandemic, involving a chart visualizing the global spread of the disease and the main cures that are currently being used. He digs into the economical impact, while presenting comprehensive facts on how employees and offices have been affected in various industries throughout the world. From an insurance perspective, he presents useful insights on the effects for the A&H market and the evolved trends that have arisen due to the pandemic. The presentation also includes an account of how the A&H product itself may be developed given the different stages of the pandemic.

Bo Christensen continues to dig deeper into current product structure and what has been done to respond to Covid-19 in terms of review and adding value. Travel insurance has obviously been highly in focus and the importance of clarity and safety from a client perspective, but also product enhancements and at the same time launching new products. Christensen points out the importance of being in close contact with the claims teams on how to handle situations such as global outbreaks.

Finally, Marianne Holtvedt Appelgren goes through different tools and resources that are useful for clients, in order to understand risks both before travelling and during the trip. “Before departure” services for example include online security awareness training for employees and country reports for staff to inform on what precautions to take, while employees during travel may receive security travel alerts by e-mail. The presentation also highlights new and innovative solutions such as online medical assistance for business travel clients through chat, video or voice options and an upcoming Group Personal Accident product called “work from home”.

Learn more about understanding the changing world of accident and health by watching the full webcast through the link below.